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May 18, 2012 7:00pm EDT
assistant administrator of the federal emergency management agency and the united states fire administrator in charge of the united states fire administration of the department of homeland security. next we will hear from dr. john hall jr., the division director of fire and always seemed research at the national fire protection association. dr. hall has been active in fire analysis and fire research for nearly 35 years. our third witness is chief jim critchley. jeeves critchley represents the tucson fire department in my home state of arizona and also currently serves as the president of the western fire chiefs association. our final witness is mr. kevin o'connor, assistant to the general prison for the international association of firefighters. thank you again to the witnesses for being here today. as the witnesses should know, spoken testimony is limited to five minutes each. after all witnesses of spoken, members of the committee will have five minutes each to ask questions. i now recognize the first witness, the united states fire administrator, ernest mitchell. >> good mo
May 11, 2012 7:00pm EDT
for the united states, should we close the prison down altogether and when will they go about the possibility of the obama administration transom detainee's who won't be tried in the third-party countries in return for peace agreement in the middle east. there's a larger fight we've hal how much money to spend on defense for the committee has 5 billion, it will be 4 billion more. the president asked for 8 billion more in the budget agreement and democrats are unhappy with the money being spent mostly because of where it comes from. there's not much they can do about it because we're the money is being spent the democrats in the and wouldn't want to do. they spent money preventing the tricare piece on the military retirees they will not find very many lawmakers for increases people in the election year. >> of the committee debate this week democrats said the bill has billions of dollars for weapons systems the country doesn't need. how do republicans respond to that? >> we need them. it's a simple disagreement between the two of them. >> what about the overall bill itself in terms
May 4, 2012 7:00pm EDT
achievement gap between the united states and the top 5% of students here, but bigger disaggregated based on an unlawful or test scores or white our students are falling behind globally. we spent the night 22nd out of 29 countries. so really this affects everyone. whether you are from greenwich or westport where you are from heartland, this is a serious problem. >> it is safe to say that greenwich is one of the most -- one of the richest towns in america. >> guest: yes. right for the people have the do really well. >> guest: people are very lucky. c-span: they spent a lot of money on greenwich high school in education your community? >> guest: on the taxes? c-span: you hear all the time they spend more money in washington d.c. per student than any place or in austin. >> guest: the money is really important in some respects it's sort of a red herring because like you said if you break it down will come it doesn't seem to lead to higher or lower outcome. of course i think teachers should be paid more, particularly the best one and there is always room for more funding, but it's more about effe
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3